Global Small Starter Battery Industry Market Analysis

Lead-acid battery is a kind of renewable energy product with high safety, stable performance and low cost. With the rapid development of the world energy economy, its market demand has increased significantly, and its application fields have been continuously expanded. With the rapid popularization of motorcycles in the world, small start-up batteries have been divided into independent subdivided industries and applied in many fields around the world. Small starting batteries mainly refer to starting lead-acid batteries with a capacity of less than 40Ah and starting lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of less than 10Ah (not mass produced). The main application fields include motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, water motorcycles and other power outdoor (Powersports) products and lawn mowers, gasoline generators and automobile jumper power supplies. Domestic collectively referred to as motorcycle batteries. 1. Global Small Start Battery Market Capacity At present, the main application field of small start-up batteries is motorcycles. In addition to motorcycles, other power outdoor (Powersports) products are currently in small demand, but the growth potential is huge. The demand for such products is also considerable, such as lawn mowers, gasoline generators and automotive jumper power supplies. 1. Power outdoor (Powersports) products (1) Motorcycle After more than 100 years of development, the development of the global motorcycle industry has entered a mature period. However, in developing countries, especially in Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and other regions, the new demand for motorcycles is still considerable. In these regions, motorcycles as a means of transportation and production are far from reaching saturation; motorcycles in developed countries are used as leisure, Entertainment tools, market demand also has potential. From 2005 to 2009, the global motorcycle demand market grew at an average annual rate of about 5.6 per cent. Table 1 shows the statistics of global motorcycle ownership and new additions from 2005 to 2009.


Application of VRLA battery in photovoltaic system

The application of VRLA batteries in photovoltaic systems China has a vast territory, uneven population distribution, and sparse east and west. Due to the relative backwardness of the geographical environment and economy, the power in some areas is relatively scarce, and the national power grid cannot be covered and cannot be centralized. Or the quality of the grid is unstable, causing certain obstacles to the local economic development and the improvement of people's lives. Especially in the north of China, northwest and other places, the problem is particularly prominent, there is an urgent need for a stable and reliable power system suitable for use in the region. Now commonly used separate power supply system has generator sets, solar energy systems, wind power systems, scenery complementary system. Hair


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