talent concept

Pay attention to discover and cultivate talents, give full play to the individual potential of each employee, and carry forward the spirit of cooperation and team spirit

talent strategy

talent strategy

Our company always adheres to the talent concept of "people-oriented", actively creates an atmosphere of respect, understanding, integrity and friendship, respects people's knowledge and talents, selects and develops mechanisms, and provides a growth platform for talents. make talents become a strong support for the sustainable development of enterprises, and realize the common growth and development of enterprises and talents.

talent cultivation

talent cultivation

Educating people is the basis of employing people. According to the characteristics of talents of different categories and levels, we should constantly improve and innovate the talent training mechanism, exercise theoretical training and practice, establish a wide coverage, multi-level and open talent training system, and gradually establish a new mode of talent training in line with the environment of group enterprises.

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Sales Representative




Responsibilities: 1, responsible for the company's product sales and promotion; 2. According to the regional sales target formulated by the company, formulate the sales plan of the region, decompose the target and organize the implementation; 4, the regional market for customer development, complete the distribution network layout; 4. Develop new customers, maintain old customers, broaden business channels, and regularly visit new and old customers in urban areas 5. Be responsible for formulating the regional product promotion activity plan every month, and summarize and analyze each activity after the activity; Requirements: 1, Senior high school degree or above, 22-40 years old; Able to endure hardship, hard work, love the sales industry, have good communication skills, organization and planning skills; 2. More than half a year's working experience in fast-food industry, experience in beverage industry is preferred, and veterans are preferred; 3, no experience of the company can be trained;
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